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The New Museum spotlights emerging artists from around the world with the exhibit "Younger than Jesus"

The New Museum, a freshly renovated, trendy museum of the Lower East Side, is presenting the exhibit "The Generational: Younger Than Jesus" until June 14, 2009. Fifty contemporary artists are being presented from all over the world with a single unifying theme: born in the 80's, they are all younger then Jesus when he died. (That is estimated to be age 33.)

This multidisciplinary group exhibit spread on four floors of the New Museum, presents works on a variety of different media, including drawings, video, installations and photography. Every single corridor and staircase abounds with fabulous artwork to discover.

Installation by Chu-Yun at the New Museum for "The generational Younger than Jesus." Photo by the New Museum.

The messages expressed by these young people are strong and very passionate. They seem to be in rebellion against the world, consumerism, and the virtual world. They are dealing with politics, wars, international relations and the economy.

In a world were people do too much, an installation in the middle of the gallery by Chu-Yun (from China) gives us a real young woman sleeping deeply in a white bed. It is surprising and interesting.

Mohammed Bourouissa, La fenĂȘtre, 2005
Lamda print mounted on aluminum. Photo by the New Museum.

Mohamed Bourrouissa, a French-Algerian, sensitively explores the rapport de force between people in French suburbs, while the American artist Guthrie Lonegan presents videos from MySpace of unknown people introducing themselves.

The work of Cyprien Gaillard from Paris deals with the impact of humans on nature. In a spectacular video, he shows the demolition of subsidized housing in Europe.

Ciprian Muresan, from Romania, explores our society's big issues through very funny videos.

Installation by Liu Chang "Buying everything on you" at the New Museum for the exhibit "The Generational: Younger Than Jesus." Photo by Suzanne Trouve Feff.

Lastly, in an original idea, Liu Chang from China approaches people in the street, offering to buy everything they are wearing and lays the lot of it out on a table. I wondered how much he paid. Anyway, you can admire the socks and knickers of a young Asian girl and the contents of the wallet of a student.

This is a nice initiative for the New Museum; it brings out a new and fresh look on art.
Those young artists bode well for our artistic future. It just goes to show that you can be younger than Jesus and very talented too. [Suzanne Trouve Feff]



The New Museum
The New Museum on Bowery, Lower East Side New York. Photo by Suzanne Trouve Feff.

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Price: 12$, 10$ for seniors 8$ for students, the admission is free for 18 and under and members
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Suzanne Trouve Feff native of Paris is a contributor to the Museum Gazeeter.