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"Judith Scott - Bound and Unbound"

The unique thing about this exhibition is that its works were made by a woman with Down syndrome, which may explain the special and different choices of materials.

By Line Krogh

"Judith Scott - Bound and Unbound." Photo by Line Krogh.

From October 24, 2014 to March 29, 2015 Brooklyn Museum is presenting “Judith Scott – Bound and Unbound” which is a unique and retrospective exhibition of works by Judith Scott using yarn, thread, fabric and other fibers to envelop found objects into fastidiously woven, wrapped and bundled structures. The fascinating thing about her work is its use of color and its different use of materials.

Judith Scott was born in 1943 in Columbus, Ohio with Down syndrome, which caused her deafness and difficulties in speech. She died at age 61 in 2005. After twenty to thirty years living in an institution for people with disabilities, Judith was introduced at age 44 to the Creative Growth Art Center. The center provided an art studio program whose purpose was to foster and serve a community of artists with developmental and physical disabilities. Here she began making art the as a participant in the in a studio program.

"Judith Scott - Bound and Unbound." Photos by Line Krogh.

This exhibition includes an overview of three-dimensional sculptures illustrating Judith Scott’s career and including a selection of her art works on paper. Each sculptural work is composed of a variety of materials, including various fibers, torn fabrics and found objects. The works on paper contain a variety of media, including paint, graphite, colored pencils, pens and collage elements. One of the most notable creations Scott has incorporated into her work is a shopping cart. The removal of the shopping cart's two front wheels renders the creation immobile which also gives it a sense of imbalance.

Judith Scott did not sign her paper works, which explain why the signatures on the paper works were added by Creative Growth staff when the works were completed.

”Judith Scott—Bound and Unbound” is organized by Catherine J. Morris, Sackler Family Curator for the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. You can see the exhibition at Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn 11238.
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Line Krogh, from Denmark, is Assistant Editor of Curator's Choice.


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